RecipesSuper Fast No Yeast Naan Recipe

Super Fast No Yeast Naan Recipe

Naan is a flat bread that is eaten with many dishes. Usually making naan can be a bit time consuming, because of waiting for the yeast to work and the dough to rise but this recipe is for a super fast no yeast naan that you can have done in about a half hour. The world is full of different types of cuisines. Each cuisine has its own specialty and reflects the traditions of the people belonging to the respective region.

Super Fast No Yeast Naan Recipe

Food lovers and enthusiasts are particularly adventurous about trying out new cuisines and there is no lack of options. Asian cuisine is quite large as many different regions can fall under it. Two of the most appreciated cuisines that come under Asia are Pakistani and Indian cuisine. These two countries share quite similar when it comes to food. For example, both regions are famous for using spices in their recipes and any food lover would like to taste that once in their life. In this article from Playful Cooking, the author Kankana has outlined a recipe for instant naan.

Naan is quite common in the regions of Pakistan and India. It is often eaten along a main course meal but can also be eaten separately as it is prepared in many different ways with stuffing. In this particular post, the author describes how to prepare the naan from scratch including the whole dough rolling technique. If you like naan and would like to make it at home without waiting around for it to rise this is the recipe for you.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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