SewingHow to Temporarily Repair An Underwire Bra

How to Temporarily Repair An Underwire Bra

This step by step tutorial of how to temporarily repair an underwire bra to stop a protruding metal underwire from cutting into a woman’s torso. Yes, this is a temporary fix till a woman can get home or purchase another bra.

Women with any sized breasts know first hand a good fitting bra that firmly does it’s job properly can set the foundation of a woman’s day.  If you have a bra that is piercing your side every time you twist and turn, even a temporary fix would be a blessing.

Additional advice to add to the tutorial… stuff multiple small strips of Moleskin into the hole that the underwire is protruding from. Then cover with a larger longer piece of Moleskin over the inside and outside of the bra. Stitch it up on both sides.

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