The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon
The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

It’s summertime and with summer come all the great perks of warmer weather and no school. Pool parties, BBQs, picnics, and cookouts are only a few of the many activities people share over the summer. And, at the majority of these events, you’ll probably find one fruit: Watermelon.

This pink, juicy fruit is one of the staples of summer.

There probably aren’t many people who don’t have memories of sitting outside, watermelon juice dripping down their arms as they eat and spit seeds with friends and family.

Unfortunately, watermelon is very messy to eat. While this is fine when you’re eating outside, if you want to eat watermelon inside or avoid the mess, it can take quite a while to cut the fruit properly and it can get messy while you’re cutting it, which kind of defeats the purpose.


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The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

The Best Way to Cut a Watermelon

Thankfully, this new way of cutting a watermelon isn’t just simple, it cuts out a lot of the mess. And, when you’re done, you’ll have beautifully cubed watermelon that are perfect to eat outdoors but still look great at more sophisticated tables.


For this guide, you’ll need:


– Watermelon
– Knife
– Cutting Board (preferably one with a groove around the edges, to catch juices)


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The writer goes through and very clearly details the way you should cut the watermelon to make these awesome little chunks. With the accompanying pictures, you shouldn’t have a problem!

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