Turn a Whole Beef Brisket into 7 Full Meals

This step by step tutorial of how to turn a whole beef brisket into seven full meals is a must read for the frugal homestead kitchen cook. A whole brisket is sometimes also called a Baron of Beef. Anyone who has walked through the meat section of any grocery store in previous months knows that meat prices are sky rocketing. Many families are finding that buying a large piece of meat (aka buying in bulk) then butchering meat into smaller portions.
 Turn a Whole Beef Brisket into 7 Full Meals

Saving money, sometimes means you are going to have to get your hands dirty and do a little extra work yourself. Once you learn how to cut and trim the larger primal cut of beef into smaller portions that can make many meals…. you will wonder why you have not been doing this for years.

You will need:

Sharp knives

Clean large cutting board

Choice of butcher paper, zip-top bags or food saver storage bag system (it removes oxygen and protects against freezer burn)

Click here to read about how to turn a whole brisket into seven full meals:


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