Emergency PreparednessUnderstanding Medical Triage Following a Mass Casualty Event

Understanding Medical Triage Following a Mass Casualty Event

Being able to have the basic understanding medical triage following a mass casualty event can be a priceless gift of emergency preparedness knowledge.  Are you to type of person who wants to know what is going on in a medical crisis ? Do you want to understand SMART Tag System in a medical triage situation ?

A mass casualty event caused by a natural, accidental or intentional disaster can overwhelm available resources of ambulances, medical personnel or hospital beds which will  demand existing medical personal to make very hard choices.  They will have to determine which category patients injuries place them into.

Types of Mass Casualty Events:

Highway accidents, air crashes, major fires, train derailments, building collapses, explosions, terrorist attacks, hazardous materials releases, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, school shootings and floods

What if a large amount of victims all require emergency surgery and needs to be sorted ?

  • Red means needs immediate medical attention – critical patient

  • Yellow means serious patient that medical attention can be delayed until all reds have been transported or treated

  • Green means that patient has minor injuries that can be put on hold until medical personnel are available

  • Black means patient is already deceased or soon will be

Understanding Medical Triage Following a Mass Casualty Event
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