DessertsVintage Easter Egg Cake Recipe 1953

Vintage Easter Egg Cake Recipe 1953

Vintage Easter Egg Cake Recipe 1953

This blast from the past vintage Easter Egg Cake recipe from 1953 is an interesting look back in history at a holiday dessert.

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Swans down golden yellow cake mix – you can use any yellow cake mix or click here for a homemade yellow cake mix recipe

1 pkg Bakers unsweetened chocolate.

1 box Frosting or click here for homemade frosting recipe.

1 pkg Jelly beans

1 pkg Bakers coconut… you tint green, for grass


1. Bake cake mix using directions on the cake mix box.
2. Bake using 2 -8 inch round layer cake pans.
3. When cake is cool, cut each cake layer across in two about 1/4 inch off center. See directions picture below. Making 2 large pieces and 2 smaller pieces.
4. Place these 4 pieces together with frosting between them. With the smaller pieces on the outside.
5. Stand them upright,on a cake plate with the cut sides down.
6. Trim the outside pieces at the top outer edges to help round off edges creating an egg shape.
7. Then trim off outside pieces slicing diagonally to give cake an oval shape at the bottom.
8. Cover the whole mound with the remaining frosting, filling in to make an egg shape. Decorate with extra white and tinted frosting, jelly beans and any other Easter themed candy of your choosing.
9. Tint coconut green for the grass at the bottom of cake.
10. To serve cut across the cake as shown so each person gets a 4 layer slice.

 photo easter_eastereggcake_1953det_zps57a7efb0.jpg

Vintage Easter Egg Cake Recipe 1953
Vintage Easter Egg Cake Recipe 1953
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