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Winter Checklist 99 Ways to Get Ready For Winter and the Holidays

Winter is just around the corner.  Use this winter checklist for 99 ways to get ready for winter and the holidays.  I think most of us know to buy salt for melting ice.

Winter Checklist 99 Ways to Get Ready For Winter and the Holidays

Getting the snow shovels ready. The scrapers for the car windows along with the snow removing brush. Find or buy gloves, hat and scarf. If you spend time outdoors in winter you may need new boots. Check you every day carry bag in the trunk to make sure you have replaced summer items with winter items. Then follow this article from Home Ever After for a whole bunch more tips to help you get prepare for the up coming months.

Here is a few bonus tips besides in the article:

  • Remember if your car gets stuck in the snow, plastic car mats can be placed behind your rear tires to get traction.

  • Check for Carbon Monoxide leaks in your home – Carbon Monoxide Alarm

  • Don’t forget to add blankets, food, and hand warmers to your existing emergency car kit.

Home Ever After website shares 99 ways to get your family, home and car ready for the holiday season.

Click here to read the article:


Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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