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How to Make Spinning Toys from Soda Cans

How to Make Spinning Toys from Soda Cans

This step by step tutorial of how to make spinning toys from soda cans is an amazing way to re purpose an item that would otherwise make it’s way into a recycling bin. What a great stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season.

It seems like now days, the toys children play with are much more complicated than what adults had at their age. Everything is an I-something or a smart piece of technology that seems crazy and foreign. Despite all these advances, there’s something about the simplicity of old fashioned toys that brings a certain amount of joy to a child. Whether it’s a jump rope or a bouncy ball, there are a few classics that will never get old, no matter how the world changes.

If you’re longing to make a toy that has the simplicity that you long for, but is also extremely fascinating, you’ll love this tutorial. This is a guide to build a spinning toy from soda cans. And while that sounds great in itself, these spinners have magnets in them that make them extremely fun to play with. While this is a very simple tutorial and you’ll be able to create these toys quickly, because it involves hot glue, it probably isn’t something you want to do with the kids. They can join when it’s time to play!

For this tutorial, you’ll need:

– Steel Soda Cans
– Nuts
– Neodymium Magnet
– Hot Glue
– Permanent Markers

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How to Make Spinning Toys from Soda Cans
How to Make Spinning Toys from Soda Cans

That’s it! By following the five simple steps in this tutorial, you’ll soon have an amazing toy that will fascinate children and be loads of fun for you!

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Take a peek at this spinning toy in action

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