10 Beautiful Chicken Breeds and Where To Find Them

10 Beautiful Chicken Breeds and Where To Find Them

Great video showing 10 beautiful chicken breeds. Some of the birds shown are pretty rare, but i did find a lot of them for sale in the US. The video was created by Robert Hock over a period of 5 years in his visits to European countries.10 Beautiful Chicken Breeds and Where To Find Them

He choose the 10 as the most beautiful in the world. Some are truly gorgeous. He gives a little history on each breed and tells some of their traits. We get to know which ones make  good mothers, which ones are good layers, some are even good winter layers. He also tells us which ones are friendly. Some he choose for their color rather than other traits. My favorite out of the ten is Le Fleche which is a chicken from France. It is a pitch black bird and his red comb is in the shape of two horns like a devil. Another black chicken that was not in the video but is very rare and very expensive is the Ayam Cemani. It is unusual it that it is not only black on the outside but also on the inside. you can read about in Ayam Cemani AKA The Lamborghini Of Poultry.

While some of the chickens from the video are rare I did find a site called The Livestock Conservancy where you can search by breed to find a seller in your area. I found quite a few from the video available in my state. I didn’t find the Orloff breed.   So if you saw one in the video that you absolutely have to add to your flock you may be able to find some.

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