Bake a Loaf of Bread With Only 6 Carbs


Sere how you can bake a whole loaf of bread that has only 6 carbs. So many people are trying to eat less carbs whether because of health issues or to control weight. So the food makers are coming out with lots of low carb  substitutes to our favorite carb heavy food items. But boy can they be expensive.

I saw the Misson brand low carb tortillas at Walmart are like 4 dollars and there are only 8 tortillas in a package. I haven’t price low carb bread but I imagine it is just as bad. Well at least with this recipe we can make out own low carb bread at home and save some money.

Bread is basically a staple food in a lot of countries and eaten for millennia across the globe. Usually prepare from the dough made of water and flour, there are many varieties of bread, which include soda bread, sweet bread, sourdough, and so on. However, even if bread is popular, it’s often characterized as fattening, harmful, and unhealthy.

Bread is a nutritive food source with a long history. In fact, it’s the oldest known prepared recipe, which isn’t surprising since it has countless of benefits. The nutrition packed away in such grains is an important part of healthy diets. Regular bread consumption prolongs life and may protect the body from the common diseases. The bread’s origin can be linked to the beginning of agriculture in Fertile Crescent area.

If you love bread and you want to try a new recipe, you can try  Lifestyle Eve’s 6 Carbs Bread Loaf recipe. The ingredients are simple and the best thing about that is that it’s a healthy bread, which can be a great addition to your snacks or meals.