Medical & HealthBasics Of Wound Care Free Downloadable PDF

Basics Of Wound Care Free Downloadable PDF

This is a great download of the basics for wound care that details all the proper steps for healthy recovery of injury. It will help folks to evaluate any wound whether it is a recent wound or a chronic one.

For acute wounds that are recent it will help you to examine, evaluate and look for any underlying injuries. For chronic wounds it will help you to determine any underlying causes and treatment for them. For he care of the wound it will list supplies, explain wound dressings and explain about sharp debridement, which is removing any dead flesh around the wound. Finally it will discuss wound closure options and the reconstructive options.

So you will learn whether the wound can be healed with an antibiotic ointment and a bandage or if you should let the swelling go down before stitching. It even discusses skin grafts which are probably beyond the normal persons scope of wound care. This pdf is from Global Health and is meant for doctors in rural areas.


It can still serve its purpose on the homestead as some of them are in rural areas and far from a doctor so knowing the basics of wound care could come in very handy for any accidents on the homestead.  When you click on the link below your pdf will begin to download.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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