DIY ProjectsBuild a Safe Yard Length Dog Run

Build a Safe Yard Length Dog Run

Build a safe yard length dog run so your pet can run the length of the yard in safety without being on a chain. This is great for folks that don’t have a fenced yard and want to let the dog spend time outdoors. If you add a house for them at one end they can even take naps out side and get in out of the rain. Dog fences are much nicer than having a dog chained up or stuck in a crate all day.

Build a Safe Yard Length Dog Run

You can provide food and water before you leave for work and they can enjoy the outdoors all day in safety. This is from Domestically Dobson and they even built a gate to alow them access to clean inside. This is much bigger than any dog crate or run that I have seen and I think most dogs would be pretty happy in here. If you put wire over the top this could work for cats or chickens as well as dogs.

The only thing I would do differently is to either put a brick layer under the boards as you  go so that half the brick is on either side of the board to prevent digging either in or out.

Or you could put wire fencing bigger than the run down and then bury before building which would also deter digging into or out of the run. This would keep your critters in and all other critters and predators especially out.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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