DIY ProjectsBuild a Sapling Branch Border Wattle Fence

Build a Sapling Branch Border Wattle Fence

How to build a sapling branch border wattle fence is a frugal project that with help keep your pet pooch from peeing on your flowers.

Build a Sapling Branch Border Wattle Fence

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Fences! They have been a part of our immediate surroundings as far back as anyone can remember. Some build fences to keep others out, some build them to keep somethings safe from intruders, but we are more concerned in making either of the scenarios an enjoyable fun-filled fence building activity.

In this case, we wanted to keep our dearly loved dog from turning our entire garden into his marked/territory. We love our dog, and we love our garden so we were certain we could allow him his freedom in the yard, without him wagging his pissing wars on our garden.

For the fence, we wanted something that was not going to be complex, not expensive, and was going to easy to construct in the home. We made up our minds to make a wattle fence. The reasons are obvious; we have wattle in our surroundings, so getting the young sturdy but flexible saplings were not much of a problem. For your project, you can select any young tree sapling.


Before cutting the saplings, determine the height of the fence you want to put up. That will determine the height you’d go. Cut the saplings with shears, remove the leaves, and select the sturdier of the branches to serve as stakes. Use a saw, to saw the end of the stake to look like that of a spear. The stakes will be driven into the ground and will form the frame for the fence. Ensure the stakes are evenly spaced. After fixing the stakes, you can now start laying the wattle.

Please make sure that wattle is set almost immediately it cut so that it will retain its flexibility. Set the less stronger stake horizontally, in and out of the stakes. Continue this until you attain the height of the fence you want.

Building a wattle fence is enjoyable, we also maintained peace with our dog and kept our garden safe from his urinary attacks.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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