DIY ProjectsBuild Compact Folding Travel Portable Toilet DIY Project

Build Compact Folding Travel Portable Toilet DIY Project

How to build compact folding travel portable toilet diy project

Build Compact Folding Travel Portable Toilet DIY Project

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There are only a few portable camping accessories no one can live without when camping even after escaping to the great outdoors. The fear of not having any access to toilets is one of the major reasons why most people are often hesitant about camping. But with the advent of portable camping toilets and other accessories, this concept has all changed.

If you are amongst those who often worry that they may be unable to find any toilet facilities whilst on a journey or at a campsite, fear no more. Also, known as portable toilets, portable commodes are generally designed as commodities of comfort. However, they tend to bring about much fun when used in certain situations such as a camping trip.

It’s a foldable commode that can be taken along with you when going on a holiday or embarking on a trip. If you spend time al fresco this do-it-yourself Emergency Relief System (ERS) provides one of the best means by which you can relieve yourself in a safe and convenient manner.

Besides outdoor use, it is good to know that this portable commode is also ideal to use in some areas of the home such as the living room, toilet, and bedroom. Interestingly, make it costs almost nothing.

Tools needed:

– Drill & drill bits

– Circular saw / table saw / jig saw

– Screwdriver

– Welder

– Hacksaw

– 1” holesaw

– Router & round-over bit

Materials list


(1) ¾” x 2’ x 2’ sheet of plywood

(1) Oblong commode seat

(2) 1” x 10’ EMT conduit

(2) 1” EMT conduit 2-hole straps

(2) 1” EMT conduit 1-hole straps

(4) 1 1/8” vinyl end caps

(2) ¼” x 3” hex bolts

(6) ¼” x 1 ¼” hex bolts

(10) ¾” #10 screws

(18) ¼” washers

(8) ¼” locking nuts

(1) ¼” x 18” rod

(1) ¼” rod hold down clips

(1) ¼” thread protector cap

(4) Mini-clipboard clamps

optional: paint, sandpaper

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Melissa Francis
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