DIY ProjectsBuild Hanging Gutter Garden Planter Stand DIY Project

Build Hanging Gutter Garden Planter Stand DIY Project

How to build hanging gutter planter stand diy project is a simple weekend task that is detailed in a step by step process.

For those who like planting and homemade tools, this is a special one. Here, people can build their own gardening section that stacks on each other with the help of gutters and drains.

Build Hanging Gutter Planter Stand DIY Project

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This will take, like many other pieces of furniture, tools and time to build. There are plenty of wood, rigid tie connectors, screws, hooks, rope, vinyl gutters, paint, and water seal that will be needed.

Apply the water seal to the wood and paint the brackets. On top of the long 43 1/2” legs, drill a pocket hole; in the smaller 2×4 pieces, drill pilot holes to place the hooks in. They should be 7.5 inches from each end. From there, start attaching tie connectors with the screws to its respective legs. (There’s a lot of measuring and screwing and attaching, so note which goes where.)

Build Hanging Gutter Garden Planter Stand DIY Project
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Onto the gutters, where they should be cut to 30″ in length and have holes drilled for the ropes 3 inches from each end. Slide the gutter ends on and paint the gutters to whatever color wanted. Cut 2 pieces of rope about 10 feet long, center the rope on the hooks, string the rope through the first gutter, and tie the knots loosely under it. Repeat with the second and third (and fourth) gutter. Once the spacing is perfect, tighten the knots.

The hardest section of the job is complete; if desired, go ahead and create signs to indicate which is what along the hanging planter.

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