BeekeepingBuild a Honey Extractor Using a Antique Washing Machine

Build a Honey Extractor Using a Antique Washing Machine

How to build a honey extractor using a antique washing machine project that repurposes an outdated household appliance into a functional useful homesteading tool. The high powered spinning of the bee hive frames while being held firmly causes the honey to fly out.

Build a Honey Extractor Using a Antique Washing Machine

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There’s no doubt about it, that there are bunches of homemade honey extractors out there. Exploring this topic will see you discovering various videos and write ups by individuals on using many methods and techniques like the old clothes washer drums, steel copy barrels, plastic drums with bike tires for the inward enclosure and a ton of other intriguing procedures.

I will be introducing you step by step procedures that makes up the fundamentals of constructing your own radial honey extractor.

Teaching from experience, a honey extractor within the hull of an ‘antique’ washing machine using traditional materials. This article will be equipping you with a well detailed instructions on how to go about constructing a honey extractor machine.

This tutorial will lead you through about 15 different and reliable steps that when followed carefully you will be able to build a honey extractor of your own. Some of these steps are as follows.

Firstly, one has to take notes of the images i.e. the photo notes and also taking notice of various safety measures to be carried out while constructing. Others are:

• Tools needed to construct the machine. These step is very important as the farmer can do nothing without his working tools. The tools needed may range from the craftsman tool sets to clamps, hammers, files etc.

• Material list of different length & widths of materials with various specifications depending on the size of extractor to be constructed.

• Disassembling the old washer

• Overview of Build Components

• Building the Superstructure: lower support structure

• Building the Superstructure: Upper Support Structure

• Building the Superstructure : Making the Centershaft/Axle

• Test Fitting Upper bracket, lower bracket, and axle together.

• Making a Liner by Prepping and Installing the Liner

• Setting up and Installing the Drive Motor

• Sanding, Primer, and Paint (the cosmetic stuff)

• Making a Lid

• You have a Completed Honey Extractor!

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