DIY ProjectsBuild Repurposed Wood Pallet Bench DIY Project

Build Repurposed Wood Pallet Bench DIY Project

How to build repurposed wood pallet bench diy project is an amazing way to use reclaimed wood, embrace a rustic look and all on a extremely low budget.

Build Repurposed Wood Pallet Bench DIY Project

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A homesteader can buy a wood bench at a store, but others would rather have the adventure of a make it by scratch as a Do-It-Yourself project.

The following is needed to build a pallet wood bench: 3 pallets – which will sawed into 7 supporters and 23 slats, 2 half-inch screws, nails, extra heads (bits), polyurethane, a hammer, a drill (or nail gun), pry bar, bolt cutters, grit paper, and saws.

The making-of is usually two days, most of the time disassembling the pallets, which is really the hardest part in the process. To do that, you would have to saw off the sides and de-nail the planks, which is probably the most difficult part in doing the difficult part. Pile the pieces together, accordingly; usually, they will be 2×4, 1×4, and 1×6 pieces. Next, sand those pieces with the grit paper and use the 1×6 and 1×4 pieces for the seat and its back. For the legs, saw 2 2x4s in half, drill pilot holes, and screw in the half-screws.

By this point, the base and legs are in place. Trim and dry fit the slats for perfect installation when putting them in as the seats. Then, place the remaining pieces and nail it in with a hammer or nail gun. Polish it with polyurethane and, congratulations; you have a pallet wood bench.

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A pallet is a flat, wooden structure that would be used to carry goods when being lifted and transported. Instead of using it as part of shipping, the pallet can be converted into wooden furniture, such as a bench. It can be a creative part of the home’s backyard.

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