DIY ProjectsPlastic Bucket Off Grid Portable Shower DIY Project

Plastic Bucket Off Grid Portable Shower DIY Project

How to build a plastic bucket off grid portable shower diy project is a frugal option that is simple to make and just works so well.

Plastic Bucket Off Grid Portable Shower DIY Project

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As part of the outdoor experience, people bring in portable showers, where they can wash themselves as if an actual shower was over them. For a five-gallon bucket today, it is easy to poke holes on the bottom and fill it up with water, but there is a better way of making one. Of course, there is a shower battery powered where you just simply attach it to a hose. But, here is a more rugged way and homemade that works just as well.

Trace where the water will come out on the bottom of the bucket’s side, cut the hole, and screw in the nipple adapter (as it’s called) over it. Then, put the end piece and silver washer, a circular ring, inside the bucket adjunct the nipple that is on the outside. Wrap it in pipe tape with the thread. Tighten it so they all connect, and then take a plastic valve and screw it on the nipple outside. You will probably need a wrench. Lastly, attached to the valve should be a small sprinkler head, so when the valve is opened, water comes out like a shower.

Of course, for most cases, there is no warm water with portable showers, but what if you want just warm water, not cold? One way is to boil it over the campfire; another is to use a solar hot water heater. All of this has little details of construction, but it is a fun DIY project.

You can spray paint the bucket black and secure a lid on the top then place in the sun for the whole afternoon for a warm shower.

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Melissa Francis
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