DIY ProjectsBuild Your Own Tandoori Oven

Build Your Own Tandoori Oven

If you would like to try Indian recipes made in an authentic over like naan bread or tandoori chicken, then you might like to build your own tandoori oven and have the way to make these dishes and more. Asian cuisine is one of the most widely known cuisines across the world. It is quite an umbrella term given that food from various different countries and cultures can be encompassed under it. Asian cuisine has been divided into several different regions like the East Asian, Central Asian, South Asian and more.

Build Your Own Tandoori Oven

Furthermore, different countries fall under these regions like Afghan cuisine belongs to Central Asia, Chinese cuisine belongs to East Asia and so does Japanese cuisine, and Indian cuisine belongs to the South Asian region. Many cuisines that fall under Asian food category are famous for the use of spices. This feature attracts many food enthusiasts that are always looking for new food adventures to give their taste buds a new experience.

It is not uncommon for Asian food cooks to use a tandoor during preparation. If you look up the definition, tandoor is a clay oven associated with similar types used in Pakistan and Northern India. Tandoors can be built in different sizes and shapes but the basic functionality remains the same. In these 2 videos you will see how to make one with flower pots.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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