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Build Your Own Tortilla Maker

       If you like eating corn tortillas and would love to make them at home, check out these instructions for making your own tortilla maker. Instead of  buying a Cast Iron Tortilla Press you can make one out of a piece of wood and some tin from a coffee can. Then when you want homemade tortillas you can make them on a homemade tortilla maker and serve very homemade corn tortillas. This one works a little differently than the tortilla press.

           The tortilla press is two round circles of cast iron connected on one side with a hinge so you can open them and put your masa inside then close and press and when you open it you can peel your raw tortilla off the cast iron and cook it on the griddle or Comal as they do in Mexico.This one that was made over 70 years ago is a wood disk with a tin lip all the way around it and you put the masa inside the lip and use a small rolling pin to roll it to fill the disk, the tin lip then will cut the excess off leaving you with a round tortilla ready to be cooked as well.

    Woods Roamer shares the instructions for making you own homemade tortilla maker and pictures of the one his grand father made 70 years ago.


  Click here>>>>>    Build Your Own Tortilla Maker

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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