Building A Shed With Purchased Plans


See how you can build a shed with purchased plans. In the video you will see how he built the shed for his mother. He built it using plans purchased for 16 dollars. You can buy the plans with different placement of the doors and windows and he even made modifications.

Adding a shed can be an affordable way to make life more convenient while increasing your home’s curb appeal at the same time. The best thing about creating a shed is that it offers lots of benefits. One of these is extra storage space. A well-constructed shed can also make your property much desirable. Constructing sheds can be a practical way to invest as it increases the value of your home while providing you daily benefits that may come with extra storage space.

The craftsmanship also goes with custom shed’s woodwork may increase your property’s visual appeal. There are numerous designs you can choose from. Depending on your needs or preferences, you may choose from modern to rustic. If you want to make your own modern shed as your DIY project, it is never impossible to create one.

You can check out the video of Michael Parker and follow all the steps showed. All of the building products used are from Home Depot. If you are a DIY lover, you will enjoy creating a shed, especially if you are making it for your mother.

He tells us ” This shed was built following the “Modern Shed” plans with some modifications. The front wall is taller than the design, and the clear polycarbonate roof was added. We had very little waste from this build because of the 8×16′ size. Only end pieces, and smallish scraps were left.

The concrete pier foundation was included in the plans, but I sistered two 2x6x16s instead of using LVL beams, LVLs were not readily available. I dug the holes 16″ down and added 4″ of gravel. 8 Piers with a 12″ diameter took 24 bags of concrete. You can do it without a mixer in one hard day. Piers were 24″ and 12″ above ground. This provided some nice storage for extra wood, bricks, and things that don’t need to be indoors.

All building products were purchased from Home Depot. The bulk delivery arrived in less than 24 hours from being placed and all items that I had to return were accepted without conflict. If you copy this build avoid Palruf PVC clear roof panels and purchase Suntuf polycarbonate instead. it is the same manufacturer, but Palfuf is not meant for enclosed applications. That said, the Suntuf Ploycarbonate was not an easy installation either, and I have some leaks – maybe 3% of the holes.

Plan on sealing the predrilled holes with approved silicone and washer-screws before the final tightening. We love the clear roof – it won’t be a creepy dark shed. Also thanks to Shannon + Crew at He was my guru of choice throughout the build. Thanks Shannon! ”