DIY ProjectsBuilding of Norway Pines Chicken Coop Project

Building of Norway Pines Chicken Coop Project

This step by step tutorial of the building of Norway Pines chicken coop project is a truly inspirational toward giving your chicken flock a grand home. You have embraced the concept of raising chickens in your backyard with the added bonus of having an ongoing supply of delicious homegrown laid eggs. Your chickens need a safe, warm place to lay those eggs so get to planning a chicken coop upgrade.

With this decision, you are probably starting thinking about a way to keep your new little chicks and/or adult hens safe and healthy from outside elements and predators. You know there are coops you can easily buy, but they are not the most personal ones you have seen based on the research you have done.

Building of Norway Pines Chicken Coop Project

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Well, no one can blame you for wanting a chicken coop that showcases your personal style. You want the chicken coop to look as though it belongs in your yard, so you do the next best thing: build it yourself.

If you’re not sure where to start, you might find the design below a fun and festive one that could work great for the space you have planned our for your future chickens. You’ll find that from the plans drawn out that you need lots of wood for this project. Most of this wood can be found through a multitude of means, such as using reclaimed wood or from your local hardware store if the first option is not to your liking.

Then, you’ll need a door and some windows plus the necessary accessories you’ll need for your chickens like feeders, bedding, heat lamps, and other materials. As you build up your chicken coop, you will find that your chickens will love this style home as you bring your own homey touches for your chickens and your yard. Once you’re done, your chickens will feel like royalty.

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