DessertsCake Decorating Ideas: To Dress Up a Cake Beyond The Homemade Look

Cake Decorating Ideas: To Dress Up a Cake Beyond The Homemade Look


Texas Monkey website shares some cake decorating ideas when dealing with a crumbling misshaped cake with a few creative options to give it a more appeal.

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  • Bake two cakes and set them aside to cool completely

  • Frost the 1st layer of cake. It doesn’t have to look good as the icing will not be visible.

  • Place the next layer of cake on top of the first and frost the whole thing.

  • Take pirouette wafers and press them into the icing around the cake.

  • Tie a ribbon around the cake and place your special element ( theme ) on the top of the cake.

    For Easter: Add a chocolate bunny, green ribbion and a few multi colored jelly beans on top of the strawberries pushed into the top of the cake so the green stem shows. Add blackberries or blueberries for contrast.


Crystallized Roses by Meadowsweets
Crystallized Roses by Meadowsweets

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Professional Cake Decorating

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Melissa Francis
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