BeekeepingCreating A Hollow Log Bee Hive

Creating A Hollow Log Bee Hive

Creating a hollow log bee hive that is more in tune with what the bees do in nature. A log is hollowed out then capped. Holes are drilled at different places on the log. The log is then attached to a tree limb or trunk and the bees build their own comb inside it without frames. This is a kind of back in touch with Mother Earth and her creatures way of having honey bees. In the video you see how the hive is made out of a log and in the end of the video you will see inside one of the hives where the bees are busily building their comb and working all inside.

Creating A Hollow Log Bee Hive
Gaia Bees

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It looks really neat when they show you all the trees full of these hives and you can hear the buzzing from all the bees. The bees sound pretty happy with their hollow log hives. The video is from Gaia Bees. This was interesting to watch.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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