DessertsDepression Era Dessert Recipe Round Up

Depression Era Dessert Recipe Round Up

Some night for after dinner instead of a new recipe for dessert why not try one of these depression era dessert recipes and see if you like them. During the time of Great Depression, people did not have much money and grocery items like eggs, milk and butter were hard to come by or simply unaffordable.

But even then, it didn’t mean you could skip on dessert! Yes, using materials from scratch, everything was re-used and made into another meal especially desserts. Not even stale bread went to waste!

Depression Era Dessert Recipe Round Up

The bakers and home-bakers of the 1930s had to improvise and such ingenious and wonderful desserts were pulled together that utilized the ingredients from a slim pantry. From the Depression cake to Moonpies, the cuisine of the Great Depression has impacted some of the desserts we know today. Yes it is true! So delicious were these desserts that people are still making them today. You can make some of them to with this round up of recipes from Frugality Gal.

It is not surprising if some delightful dessert or dinner recipe made from scratch is passed down from a relative or grandmother who lived during the Great Depression. Desserts especially cakes, were a luxury that majority of people could barely afford. Thanks to our ancestors, we can be thankful of how far we have come and how creatively our family members made such delicious desserts in such a difficult time.

I can’t wait to try the chocolate cake recipe, it looks so dense and delicious. It has both coffee and ginger added to really enhance the chocolate flavor. There is also a recipe for oatmeal cookies that contain both bacon and chocolate chips ( this one is more of a recession go away recipe but they look scrumptious).

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