DIY Burned Plywood Flooring

DIY Burned Plywood Flooring

What a unique look with this diy burned plywood flooring. Replacing old flooring in your home can be very expensive depending on what materials you decide to use.

DIY Burned Plywood Flooring

One of the most popular these days is pre engineered hardwood that is sold in planks. However, here at Carpeter, you will find a number of different materials that can be used that are much cheaper and look equally as nice. This video was designed to introduce the viewer to a unique way to finish wood planks that are going to be used in flooring; called burning.

The Do It Yourself project video is from Jeff. The presenter on the video was demonstrating how they found a unique way to finish the wood they were going to be used to replace the flooring in a room during a renovation project. The video and presentation were done in a way that made it extremely easy to understand and to follow. I love the look of it on the floor all finished. The picture is from Pinterest and I couldn’t find the original.

Benefits of watching DIY Burned Plywood Flooring

Discover an interesting finishing idea for your next wood flooring project. The presenter describes everything that you need to have on hand in order to get started. The video describes how to perform the method of finishing the wood planks used for flooring.

The video is the perfect format to be used to present the project to its audience.

If you need help with how to install the plywood planks this article will help. You can also see how they put the finish on the wood to seal it. They painted the wood instead of burning but the finish wood still be a clear coat.

The Reserve Residences is a URA tender concept that comes with many themes pre-installed in the unit before move in and these include the renovation done by Far East Organization. The flooring for the living room and bedroom are done and is made of plywood which is long lasting and perfect for the individual.

Tengah EC is a new executive condo that features smart home designs that comes with plywood flooring to cater to the preference of younger couples. Tengah EC located in Tengah Smart town will feature many innovative interior designs for smart eco living and green features.