DIY Meter Box Cover Screen

DIY Meter Box Cover Screen

If you have unsightly meter boxes in a much too visible spot you can take care of that with this diy meter box cover screen. If you own a home you know that you don’t often get to decide where the utility boxes are mounted on the outside of the house.

DIY Meter Box Cover Screen

If you are one of the unlucky ones that have the boxes mounted in the worst possible place and are visible, you have probably wondered how to fix it. This DIY project was designed to introduce the reader to a unique way to cover the utility box in a decorative way.

This Do It Yourself meter box cover screen is from Designer Trapped in a lawyer’s body. The author of the post created the project in order to help their readers fix a problem with unsightly utility boxes on their home. All of the information is presented in a way that makes it really easy to follow.

Benefits of reading DIY Meter Box Cover Screen

Learn about how you can hide your houses utility boxes so that they are not so unsightly.
The project includes a complete listing of all of the necessary materials, supplies, and tools needed.
It also includes a complete, easy to follow step by step instruction guide on how to construct it.
There are numerous full-color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference of the project.