CanningFresh Lavender Jelly Homemade Flower Recipe - Canning

Fresh Lavender Jelly Homemade Flower Recipe – Canning

This Fresh Lavender Jelly Homemade Flower Recipe is a delicious delicate flavored sweet spread with a beautiful Periwinkle Purple color.

Fresh Lavender Jelly Homemade Flower Recipe - Canning - The Homestead Survival

Summer is in full swing and lavender is blooming. A purple-colored flower jelly with such amazing flavor can be made in our very own homesteading kitchen. I was myself am inspired by so many women who practice canning to create food storage to enjoy year-round.
This different and unique recipe is a family favorite and quite a wonderful gift to give to family and friends.

The ingredients used is just 3 cups water with lots of fresh lavender flowers, juice of 1 lemon, some sugar and powdered pectin or liquid pectin.

The method is very simple: Boil the water and add all the flowers in it. Let it steep for around 20 minutes and then strain the water. The flowers can be used both dry and fresh. The pink color is due to the fresh flowers. Waste the boiled flowers and we will be using this water. Add all the ingredients except sugar. Now add sugar in the end and boil it again. Make sure you keep rolling it till the desired consistency is attained.

You need to sterilize the jars and to make them airtight, I suggest to heat them in the oven for some time. In these hot jars add the gel and let it set without putting the lids on. Be careful not to burn yourself. Clean all the spill and let the steam pass. Once it attains the room temperature, you can put the lids and seal it. It is so easy to make.


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