DIY ProjectsGardening Waist High Tall Planter Box DIY Project

Gardening Waist High Tall Planter Box DIY Project

This tutorial of how to build a gardening waist high tall planter box diy project is a great way option for gardeners that can not bend over easily.

Gardening Waist High Tall Planter Box DIY Project

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Container gardening is not just efficient use of space on a patio…… it’s also an easy way to feel a little more self sufficient.

Home grown vegetables are the best way someone can save cash and feel in control of what goes on the dinner table.

Container gardening with vegetables makes the growing process easier.

Vegetables grown in containers can provide an easily managed environment, resulting in fewer pest problems and higher yields.

Making your own planter that can be specific to your garden needs is not as hard as it seems, particularly when looking into containers that will hold vegetables. The biggest concern with vegetables in containers is root space. But many can thrive with only a few feet of space and herbs can do so with less.

When building a planter box, height should be sufficient to make it easy on the gardener and put the vegetables within reach without kneeling. Additionally, the weight capacity should be considered since it will be holding soil and water too. Strong boards are necessary for the finished product.

Cedar wood weathers well and is a strong base and you will need appropriate tools for cutting and assembly. Stain can be done in the color of your choice and wheels are an additional consideration.


2x4x96 Kiln Dried Pine studs x 6

1x8x12 Cedar Board x 2

1x8x8 Cedar Board x 3

1x4x12 Cedar Board x 1

1x4x10 Cedar Board x 1


1-1/4″ Star Drive All Weather Self Tapping Screws Box of 100

2-1/2″ Kreg All Weather Self Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

Look to references for square foot gardening, vertical gardening and companion planting when researching your plants. There’s also plenty of information on all season gardening that can apply to small spaces. Here’s a look at one waist-high planter box made entirely from scratch that will keep providing garden space for years to come.

Click here to read about how to build a gardening waist high tall planter box diy project:


Gardening Waist High Tall Planter Box DIY Project

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