DIY ProjectsHow to Build a Capped PVC Pipe Floating Raft

How to Build a Capped PVC Pipe Floating Raft

With summer on its way now is the perfect time to look into building your own boat. If you live near a body of water, you’re probably very aware that temperatures are cooler on and near the water. Plus, being on the water offers tons of fun things to do on hot afternoons. Whether you just want to float down a river, have a sturdy place to fish, or have a dock to swim off of, this is a great, simple project.

While this forum doesn’t give the exact steps, it does provide pictures that offer a very simple step-by-step process. According to those who created this raft, it held up to about 1,000 pounds, which is more than enough to hold a couple people, plus a little bit of furniture or fishing gear.

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How to Build a Capped PVC Pipe Floating Raft
How to Build a Capped PVC Pipe Floating Raft

To do this project, you will need:

– 84” of 6” shc. 40 PVC

– Construction Foam

– Caulking

– 2×4’s

– Sheets of Plywood (Length will depend on the size you want)

While some people suggest adding Styrofoam blocks underneath the plywood for extra buoyancy, most agree that this is just an extra precaution and not necessary. However, if you’re planning to put a little more weight on the raft, you should take the precaution.

While this raft will last well in many lakes, ponds, and slow rivers, it shouldn’t be used in fast moving water or water with serious waves. Also, make sure you test your raft before getting out on the water.

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