Home Canned Meatballs


 With meat prices continuing to soar why not put some up for this winter. When you see ground beef on sale pick up a few pounds and make some canned meatballs. It will save you money without filling the freezer. I like to keep my freezer space for turkey and ham when I find them on sale. I do put ground beef in it but I love this canned meatballs recipe.

This is very nice because you could put the meatballs in your choice of sauce as you open them for whichever recipe you were planning to make. Tomato based sauce for spaghetti or my favorite  mushroom gravy over the meatballs and mashed potatoes. Mmm  Iowasue shares the recipe for canning meatballs that she has been using since 1973.

Home Canned Meatballs
photo credit iowasue.blogspot.com

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