Recipes3 Great Breadless Sandwiches

3 Great Breadless Sandwiches

If you are gluten intolerant or just trying hard to cut your carb intake, here are three great breadless recipes for sandwiches that most anyone will enjoy.  First up is a Mediterranean chicken wrap from Martha Stewart. Second we have red bell pepper with turkey and cheese from Primal Planet and third is a Paleo Roast beef from Edible Harmony. All three look totally scrumptious and with three different ones you can mix it up a bit and have a variety of lunch or dinner options. If you are dieting, one of these breadless sandwiches or a Mason Jar Salad will be very satisfying with no carb and fewer calories that most standard lunch fare.

3 Great  Breadless Sandwiches
Martha Stewart


Mediterranean Chicken Lettuce Wrap-Click for recipe:


Red Bell Pepper Sandwich-Click for recipe


Deli-Style Roast Beef and the Paleo Sandwich- Click here for recipe.


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