DIY ProjectsHomemade Entryway Storage Bench DIY Project

Homemade Entryway Storage Bench DIY Project

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade entryway storage bench DIY project is a great option to store backpacks and equipment for after school activities.

We just never have enough storage, especially when you factor in our stuff, our significant others, and our kids. It’s simply amazing how our homes can just about burst with it. There’s got to be a way to build up some storage in our homes to hide away one set of items or another. What can we do if we’re also looking to save some money? Some storage containers that fit with our décor can be quite costly. What are our options then?

Homemade Entryway Storage Bench DIY Project

Well, we can always do the project ourselves by visiting our local hardware store. With just a few pieces of plywood, some tools, and other needed items, you can have a storage bench like the one below in just a few short hours. You can paint it to match the room you’re placing it in and have the room you need to hide away toys, shoes, and other objects that are usually littering the floor of that room.

Sauder Shoal Creek Storage Chest, Jamocha Wood Finish

Who knows? You might be making more for other rooms of your home.

Bernards Cedar Chest, Cherry

As we build our homes up the way we want them from the color on the walls to the curtains covering the windows, we want the right designs and patterns that fit our needs and our tastes. Whether we have a small apartment to the largest house in town, we have found that the most important aspect of our home is something that is usually always lacking. That aspect is storage …

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