DIY ProjectsHomemade Frugal White Chicken Coop DIY Project

Homemade Frugal White Chicken Coop DIY Project

This homemade frugal white chicken coop diy project was made with a combination of reclaimed, salvaged and inexpensive purchased materials. The result was the perfect backyard chicken coop for their small number of chickens.

Homemade Frugal White Chicken Coop DIY Project

Raising chickens has become very popular these days, even for people who live in suburban areas. If you are someone who is considering raising chickens in your backyard, you will need to be sure you have a place set aside for them. Even if you plan to give them free run of the yard, they will need a place of shelter and for laying their eggs. This where the chicken coop comes in, it is a structure that contains everything all in one easy to maintain place.

The author of this DIY projects goal was to build a functional chicken coop for around $120 and what follows is the result of their effort. They used mostly reclaimed or recycled materials (wood came mostly from a couple of pallets) and some store bought hardware from a local supply store.

Materials purchased:

1/4 Hardware Cloth

4 sets (of 2) Hinges

3 toggle bolts

1 eye hook latch

2 3 inch SS Lag bolts with 2 matching nuts and 2 matching wing nuts

15/32″ thick sheet of pressure treated plywood

Short roofing nails

8 x aluminum window cap

2 4×4 Post

2 bags of concrete

6 Fence Pickets

● Build your own low cost backyard chicken coop

● Project includes a complete listing of all necessary materials, supplies, tool needed and suggestions on where to get them

● Has an easy to follow step by step instruction guide with many photos that depict some of the steps

Click here to read about how to make a Homemade Frugal White Chicken Coop DIY Project:

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