DIY ProjectsHomemade Hamster Wheel Exercising Standing Desk

Homemade Hamster Wheel Exercising Standing Desk

This step by step tutorial of how to build a homemade hamster wheel exercising standing desk project will reduce the cost of building this piece of equipment. Moving during your workday has been linked to faster learning, speedier memory encoding and retrieval, and greater creativity.

You can build your own moving standing desk which means it can be customized just for you.

Having a sitting down position work station may seem natural to us but it is actually causing back, neck and lack circulation health issues in the long run for us! We do not get the exercise our bodies need to keep us strong when we sit behind a desk staring a computer screen. Even when we want to go a better route, we are limited in many ways depending on where we work and the type of work we do each day.

Homemade Hamster Wheel Exercising Standing Desk

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It has been proven that sitting behind a desk for hours on end with little get up and go can prove highly unhealthy for us. While many of us with desk jobs would not want to switch to one more physical for any number of reasons, there are benefits to those physical jobs that would do well for those with desk ones. We can make a moving desk that can re train our brain to accept the slow walking motion as normal.

For one, we can gain more focus and drive as we actively walk and move around throughout our day. So, how can we make this a reality if we have the space? Well, we can build one of these really cool hamster wheels with a standing desk in the middle.

As we focus on the tasks at hand, we can walk on the wheel at a pace that keeps us focused and healthy by adding to our overall recommended number of daily steps. Check out the instructions below to see how you can make one of your own.

Click here to read about how to build a homemade hamster wheel exercising standing desk project:

Here is a video of the homemade hamster wheel exercising standing desk:

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