CraftsHomemade Recycled Crayon Candles Project

Homemade Recycled Crayon Candles Project

This homemade recycled crayon candles project is detailed in a step by step tutorial that gives those small little nubs of crayons a whole new purpose. A thrifty homesteader never lets anything go to waste, finding creative ways to recycle, re-purpose and reuse items saves money.

Homesteaders are happily learning how to do things themselves as a way towards self sufficiency skill building. Did you know that these bright beautiful layered candles are ACTUALLY fabulous emergency preparedness lighting supplies? A single crayon if lit on fire can stay lit and produce light for 30 minutes !

Homemade Recycled Crayon Candles Project

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The crayon candles is an easy enough way to create countless numbers of useful, cool looking candles in your own home. It does not take a whole effort and if you are like many people with small kids, you probably have buckets full of old, broken crayons laying around the house.

 Many of these craft projects can be completed in an afternoon and do not involve a whole lot of effort.

Benefits of using the homemade recycled crayon candles project

● The perfect use for all of those old, broken crayons laying around

● Includes a complete list of all needed supplies and tools

● Directions include a detailed step by step instructions with pictures

● Can be used to occupy yourself for an entire afternoon

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Melissa Francis
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