Homemade Scalloped Potatoes Mix For the Pantry


Once fall kicks in and you imagine all side dishes you can think of, potatoes quickly replace zucchinis in conversations. And even though there seems to be lots of ways to prepare potatoes, there are two methods that are quiet similar. They are even thought to be one and just the same. These are none other than potatoes au gratin and scalloped potatoes.

Both are super rich and creamy, composed of rounds of sliced potatoes that are baked in casserole dish. However, it turns out that there are several unique factors setting them apart.
According to Sheela Prakash, the main ingredient that sets the two potato casseroles apart is none other than cheese.

Scalloped potatoes are composed of thinly sliced potatoes that are layered in the casserole dish then baked with heavy milk or cream or combination of both. The cream is sometimes infused with aromatic like fresh herbs or garlic.

On the other hand, potatoes au gratin is sprinkled with grated cheese in between layers to create a cheesier and more decadent dish. There are also times when breadcrumbs are sprinkled over the dish before placing it in the oven.

One more minor difference is the way of slicing the potatoes. While both casseroles use potatoes cut in rounds, potatoes for scalloped potatoes are usually cut much thicker than the ones used in au gratin potatoes.

Healthy Canning has this special recipe to prepare your own dry sauce mix that will perfectly complement your scalloped potatoes.