DIY ProjectsHomemade Soda Pop Bottle Cap Whistle

Homemade Soda Pop Bottle Cap Whistle

This homemade soda pop bottle cap whistle is simple to make with this step by step tutorial that focuses on recycling, re-purposing and reusing. Part of building emergency self sufficient skills is learning how to use normally discarded or items that are heading towards the recycling bins into a useful item that can help you survive.

Soda pop, beer and even some fruit juices are topped off with a metal bottle cap during the commercial bottling process. There really is no right or wrong way to do it as long as you are all having a good time together. If you are feeling adventurous you can try this project and use items you probably already have laying around the house. One of those Do It Yourself projects is making your own whistle out of a couple bottle caps and soda can.

Homemade Soda Pop Bottle Cap Whistle

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A whistle is an excellent accessory that every man, woman and child should carry on them. At anytime a natural disaster, terrorist attack or just becoming lost can happen any time to any one. This ultimately piece of survival gear can help rescuers find you in a forest, under building rumble due to an earthquake and even in urban areas.

A whistle is used to signal others that you are in distress and need assistance. It is also used to answer signals from those in distress. Shouting, yelling, and other forms of vocal alerting do not have the range and require much more fatiguing effort than the simpler task of blowing on a whistle.

International Whistle Codes

Three blasts of the whistle is an international distress call, which is loosely translated to “Help me!” Two blasts of the whistle is a call-back signal which means “Come here.” One blast can mean “Where are you?” or it can be a call-back signal if you hear anything that sounds like a code.Each whistle blast should last 3 seconds.

Benefits of following the homemade soda pop bottle cap whistle tutorial

● It is an easy accomplish weekend or rainy day family activity

● 3 simple steps with full color pictures depicting each one

● Clearly shows the list of tools and materials needed

● Simple uses for old, discarded soda pop bottle caps and a soda can

Click here to read about how to make a homemade soda pop bottle cap whistle diy project:

Here is a video sharing how to make bottle cap whistle:

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