DIY ProjectsHomemade Sun Shade Canvas Awning PVC DIY Project

Homemade Sun Shade Canvas Awning PVC DIY Project

This Homemade Sun Shade Canvas Awning PVC DIY Project is a frugal yet strong way to block some of the sun’s ray from heating up your home.

To create this awning, a nice shield that does not tear when storms rip the through the area, create the frame of the awning.

For this, get a 1/2-inch PVC pipe with the T’s and elbows, PVC cutters, and some primer. It varies by how wide the window is; for the sake of argument, a five-inch wide window should have a six-inch wide frame. Next, get the awning cloth at about 6-in. X 9-in, mildew resistant.

Make sure to fully measure the window frame, as well as have flat areas to sit the awning on. Have the frame dry-fitted and place the canvas over; fix the fit to keep the canvas steady. Then, note the frame with a marker or pencil, take out the canvas, and cement the frame exactly where marked.

Let it dry for a bit before putting the canvas over the frame again. Once it is dry, put on the elbows, but don’t cement of glue them in. Let it sit there while putting on carpet tacks of the non-corrosive type on the canvas. Now, hang up the awning with the T’s on the top corners to keep the canvas expanded across. With 3/4-inch conduit tighteners and pan head screws, hold up the frame. Now get some PVC and an elbow at the right length to hang the awning hangs at any specific angle.

Finally, add on the supporting brace to both sides like the top and cement it for good.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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