DIY ProjectsHomemade Wood Kitchen Knife Block DIY Project

Homemade Wood Kitchen Knife Block DIY Project

This simple tutorial of how to make a homemade wood kitchen knife block diy project is a hilarious take on an image of a man carrying a shield with knives sticking through. Look closely !

Homemade Wood Kitchen Knife Block DIY Project

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Storing kitchen knives has become a common problem. Some people choose to buy them one after the other and when they are not used, the knives jangle in the drawer and get nicked. Other people choose to store a set of nine or even ten kitchen knives, scissors, and six steak knives with a sharpening steel together in a large angled knife block on a countertop. The whole stress of how to store kitchen knives can be averted by a simple DIY project.

The main benefit of making your own wooden knife block is that it gives you the ability to cater for your collection of favorite knives. On the other hand if you choose to buy a knife block, you may find that they are made to fit only knife sets that are usually sold with the block.

Although the feel of your knife and how it cuts when used in the kitchen is more critical than whether it fits in a particular set or not. Most people have set of knives that have collected over an extended period of time and one that they prefer to any other.

The DIY project described in this article is more effective as the upright design used requires less countertop space and gives attention to the beauty of dark wood. The design is simple to follow requiring four vertical boards separated with ten strategically placed dividers. All ten dividers must be shorter than the vertical boards which leaves room to facilitate evaporation should a knife be inserted wet after washing. So read on and learn our homemade wood kitchen knife block DIY project.

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