Garden BedsHomemade Wood Pallet Flower Garden DIY Project

Homemade Wood Pallet Flower Garden DIY Project

This homemade wood pallet flower garden diy project uses a combination of reclaimed and new materials to create a upright free-standing multi-layered growing container.

Homemade Wood Pallet Flower Garden DIY Project

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Choose a kiln-dried pallet and remove three horizontal boards from one side using a pry bar to make the space for herbs. Get sandpaper and sand down any rough edges and hammered nails in the wood. Take a 1×4 and add it on the bottom as an additional surface for the wheels. That’s on one side; get a 4×4 block and a 2×4 miter cut as support. It should be easy to lift one end and move it with the wheels on the other. (An alternative is to have both sides with the 4×4 blocks because, even when moving it with a second person, it is stable than having a wheel attached, dancing around.) Next, stain the pallet and let it dry for a few days.

After it has dried off, take a piece of newspaper and fold it in a certain pattern for the fabric edge under the sides. Use that pattern as an outline to cut the fabric weed barrier to the correct desired size. Staple the fabric weed barrier in place between the pallet boards to make a pouch. Note that the corners are a bit tough to get down, so do whatever is needed to keep it down. Cutting and stapling it all will work to make multiple pouches for plants to grow out of.

Homemade Wood Pallet Flower Garden DIY Project
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Now, put in wood pallet garden to grow Flowers: bright colored impatiens, begonias, Phlox, Vinca, Bachelor’s button, Balsam, Bidens, Blue Lobelia, Blood flower, Borage, Bush Morning Glory, Calendula, California Poppy, Calibrachoa, Cape Mallow, Celosia and so forth…..

Herbs: basil, parsley, rosemary, dill, oregano, peppermint, lavender, or even chocolate mint.

Move the pallet garden into the place preferred for it to grow. It looks quite good wherever it’s placed outside and another nice way to pluck out herbs for cooking.

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