Raising LivestockHomesteading Homemade Fly Traps for Chickens

Homesteading Homemade Fly Traps for Chickens

Learn how to make homesteading homemade fly traps from this step by step tutorial that shows several different methods. Flies are everyday nuisances that can be bothering you from every level of peskiness.

They are naturally attracted to anything that presents itself as a good food source. Unfortunately, there is no better food source for flies than the one presented by having livestock and pets around, especially chickens…. animal manure.

Homesteading Homemade Fly Traps

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Flies just love to bother hens during their daily activities. Such as laying eggs, eating food, drinking water, dust bath and releasing droppings. They can be so bothersome that you need to look into ways to control their numbers without harming your chickens and their chicken coop.

Homesteading Homemade Fly Traps for Chickens

To do this, you will want to investigate our natural remedies for eliminating flies from your chicken coop so they can all live better and produce healthier eggs.

You can make your own herbal bouquets, using herbs that naturally deter flies, or you can use your own herbal cups that contain mint and vanilla, two ingredients that flies detest.

There is even some natural fly paper strips you can make, using Kraft paper and a mixture of beer, sugar, and honey. These three ingredients are fly magnets and will help keep flies from going near your chickens’ feed and water while they stick to the strips. There is also the fly trapper that uses a soda bottle with a natural mixture that appeals to flies where they go in, but will not come back out.

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