BeveragesHomesteading Skill of Making Delicious Drinkable Mead

Homesteading Skill of Making Delicious Drinkable Mead

The homesteading skill of making delicious drinkable mead is something everyone should try once in their lifetime.

Homesteading Skill of Making Delicious Drinkable Mead

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Mead is a kind of alcohol defined by the sugar content coming from honey, giving it a certain kind of sweetness. It has been around since 6500 BC and is made in every continent. There are many variants of mead through the fermentation processes used to make mead. It’s also a beverage that can be made at home.

Get ¾ gallon of water, 3 pounds of honey, 2 ½ teaspoons, ¾ cup of chopped mint, 10 key limes, one balloon, and one-gallon glass what other fruits as part of the homemade mead. Then, add the jug with a couple of inches of water and add the honey. Add the other ingredients, plus the yeast. Then, fill the jug with the water and leave some space at the top for the foam that will be made. Screw on the lid tightly and shake it up for a couple of minutes. After that, get rid of the lid and use the balloon to cover it up with a pinhole made.

After about 30 minutes, the balloon will inflate and the mixture will foam. The balloon will be full, but once it loses the foam, cap up the jug and put it somewhere safely. Note on the balloon, as too much foam can lead it to pop out of place; if needed, poke another hole. After the mead has been sitting still for a few months, bottle it up. Get a few wine bottles and corks to fill them with mead. The best way is to siphon them from jug to wine bottle. Just like that, homemade mead is ready to drink.

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