BeveragesMake Your Own Dandelion Honey Mead

Make Your Own Dandelion Honey Mead

        Spring time is dandelion time and there are so many ways to use this wild edible as food. In this recipe you will see how to turn dandelions into a honey mead. In order to make dandelion honey mead you will need to have first made some dandelion syrup. You can find out how to make it in this posts… 20 Dandelion Cooking Recipes – Wine, Bread, Syrup, Soup, Pancakes and more. Once you have your dandelion syrup Southern Forager shares a recipe that is easy to make your own dandelion honey mead. 

           It is a super easy method and it is made in a gallon jug of water. By adding apples or oranges you can make it a fruity or citrusy mead. It is left to  bubble for about two months and once bubbling stops you can go ahead and put it into bottles. n Forager says the mead will be alcoholic and that it tastes like a field of flowers. Make some this spring and you can gift it at Christmas.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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