DIY ProjectsHow to Build Your Own Homesteading Wood Pallet Shed

How to Build Your Own Homesteading Wood Pallet Shed

This step by step tutorial of how to build your own homesteading wood pallet shed is a great way to use free scavenged materials as a main component of the project.

Garden sheds have many functions. Gardening requires many tools, including mowers, hand tools, and supplies such as seeds and soil. Often people don’t wish to give up valuable garage space for gardening stuff, but storing it out in the elements isn’t a wise investment either. Sheds purchased at the local lumber yard can be quite expensive. DIY is often a more affordable option, particularly when you can repurpose old wood into a new project.

Repurposing pallets into carpentry projects is a fun past time for many people, who can repurpose wood into a useful structures, including sheds. This instructables garden or storage shed is made with four sides, a door, roof, and two windows. Pallet wood has the benefit of being already precut into the proper thickness for the project—just the lengths need to be trimmed to proper length.

A few additional supplies will be required to complete this project, including plywood for the door, hinges, and latch. The best pallets to use are sturdy ones measuring about four by six feet, and about a dozen are needed to complete the project. You can often find free pallets from industrial companies. Sometimes they’re by the side of the road. You may also inquire at these companies, or check online for free materials.

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How to Build Your Own Homesteading Wood Pallet Shed
How to Build Your Own Homesteading Wood Pallet Shed

The shed can be customized according to usage. It may be stained or painted. The gaps may be covered up with screen if there is a concern over birds or insects moving in.

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