DIY ProjectsHow to Make a Chainmail Shirt DIY Project

How to Make a Chainmail Shirt DIY Project

How to make a chainmail shirt diy project shares knowledge of making clothing using the technique that is used to create Chainmaille. The process involves using small steel rings that are woven in a specific pattern that creates a barrier in which makes it more difficult for sharp objects to penetrate it.

How to Make a Chainmail Shirt DIY Project

Chainmaille seems to be making a little comeback these days and it actually has a number of unique purposes. For centuries it was used as an armor against sharp instruments like swords, knives and spears. While many newer technologies have been developed that make much better materials to make armor against today’s weapons.

Chainmaille is now being used by people who partake in role playing re-enactments and for making unique jewelry, belts, belly dance costumes and clothing.

● The article includes a complete list of all of the materials, supplies and tools necessary to complete it

● It also has a easy to read and follow detailed step by step instruction guide to the Chainmaille technique

● It has numerous full color photos that depict several stages of the process

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