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How To Make A Colorful Leopard Cake

If you have a birthday party to make a cake for or you just want to make a super fun cake check out this tutorial for making a colorful and fun leopard cake. I love all the colors on this both inside and out. I think kids would absolutely love to see this cake brought out on their birthday. You could also frost the outside with regular frosting and really surprise someone when you cut the cake and offer them a slice of what looked like regular cake. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio shows us how to make this gorgeous cake in a video so you can see every single step of how to make it.

Make someones day by baking and decorating a colorful leopard cake for their special day, I think it will be a very big hot and not soon forgotten.  Since you can choose the colors you want you could just use yellow, orange and black to make it traditional leopard colors or if someone has favorite colors you could make it in those colors. You can watch the video and then I will put a link below it that will take you to the blog page to get the recipe.



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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