Household TipsHow To Make Cake Flour

How To Make Cake Flour

Learn how to make cake flour and never pay those high prices for it again. Fist lets see what the difference is between all purpose flour and cake flour. Well first as stated in the article is the amount of gluten they contain. All purpose will contain more gluten that the cake flour.

How To Make Cake Flour

You want it in all purpose for things like bread and pizza dough because it is what allows for the bubbles that create pocket and a lighter bread and also the chewiness. Cake flour has much less gluten and almost no chewiness so you get a lighter and more tender cake than you would with all purpose flour. One thing to remember when using cake flour in a recipe is you should weigh it because cake flour is lighter than all purpose flour.

All purpose flour weighs about 4 and a half ounces per cup while cake flour weighs in at around 4 ounces per cup via: Cookinglight. So if you had a recipe that called for 2 cups of flour and it didn’t specify which flour, I would assume all purpose. If you planned to use cake flour, measuring our 2 cups of cake flour then would give you 8 ounces of cake flour but 2 cups of all purpose would be 9 ounces. That extra ounce could affect your recipe so it is always better to weigh the flour. In this article She Makes and Bakes you will see how to turn all purpose flour into cake flour.

This will save you money because cake flour is pretty expensive and if you only need it for one cake, why buy an entire box. For a visual look at the gluten in the respective flours I am adding a video from America’s Test Kitchen below that shows you the difference in gluten between bread flour and cake flour.

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Check out the video below for a nice visual of what is gluten.

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