DIY ProjectsHow to Paracord Handle Wrap a Survival Knife

How to Paracord Handle Wrap a Survival Knife

This step by step tutorial of how to paracord handle wrap a survival knife with help you create a firmer grip.

How to Paracord Handle Wrap a Survival Knife

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Perhaps you have bought yourself a knife that feels pretty solid and is made of great steel. It cuts well. You are glad for that great quality cutting aspect, but the handle seems to be made of all steel as well without a really good grip on it, which can make the knife slide out of your hand a bit too easily.

You may wish there was a solution to remedy this problem.

Materials and Tools Needed:


-A knife to wrap



-Electric tape

-Alcohol wipe

-needle nosed pliers (not pictured)

Well, the good news is that there is a real solution to this problem. You will be able to make a great handle for your knife by wrapping the handle area of the knife in paracord as you follow the quick, simple and clear instructions that are presented. You may then begin to wonder, “Well what is paracord?”

Paracord is the shortened form that means parachute cord. It is used in countless things such as in lanyards, bracelets, key chains and a whole lot of other stuff too. But now you get the fun and unique opportunity to use it in making a great handle that will give you some much extra needed grip that you really need to be able to use your knife more safely.

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