DIY ProjectsHomemade Large Metal Barrel BBQ DIY Project

Homemade Large Metal Barrel BBQ DIY Project

This homemade large metal barrel BBQ diy project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. It is a great way to use easy to find materials, power tools and a creative nature to make your one of a kind BBQ grill.

Homemade Large Metal Barrel BBQ DIY Project

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With visions of a massive BBQ with friends in mind, the journey into how to fashion an OilCan BBQ commenced. While there are many options for plans to construct, this tutorial is the compilation of several of the best, addressing the issue of cleanup and storage as well as some righteous cooking/smoking.

The basic component is the 50-gallon steel drum, metal of course, and you want to be sure that the prior contents of the barrel are food safe and entirely cleaned out.

The legs are scrap in this version,but it is always an option to buy new at the local supply. The grill and pans are a combination of rescue and retail, re-using what is available is smart and environmentally sound.

The lid and hinges are brilliant, in that the use of a French hinge allows for the removal of the entire lid for cleaning and storage.

The recycled roasting pans allow for a combination of fuels if desired, as well as three easier to handle containers of ash for disposal.The rack the pans sit on is adjustable to alter flame height. The attached chain prevents the lid from over-extending and the handle helps modulate the heat and air circulation.

The chimney was fashioned from found parts and is up to the builder’s vision. The project requires but two power tools, an angle grinder, and an electric drill. There is no need to weld this project, just enjoy your OilCan BBQ.”

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